Peace Bridge, Inc. Board

The Peace Bridge board is 100% volunteer-based and comprised of local community leaders who are dedicated to the Peace Bridge Mission.

The mission of Peace Bridge Inc. is, “to support, perpetuate and build upon the unbroken tradition of compassion and friendship begun in 1949 in Japan between the Wolfhounds and the Holy Family Home orphanage in Osaka.

Board of Directors

Keoni Wagner, ***President

Hugh O’Reilly, Jr., **Vice President

Wayne Takahashi, **Treasurer

Jamie Omori, **Secretary

Harry Davis, Phd (University of Hawaii)

Mark James (Home Street Bank)

Alan Okami (KoAloha Ukulele)

Tracy Larrua (Poi Planet)

Fritz Johnson (Fritz Johnson Architect)

Barrett Bernard

Maura Dolormente, Past President and Advisor to the Board