A Message From Sister Maurice

When I was assigned to work at Holy Family Home in Osaka in 1978, I did not realize in the beginning that I would be blessed with more than I could possibly give, just by serving the children placed in the care of the institution. The loving support and friendship of the American soldiers of the 27th Infantry Regiment is fixed deeply in the history of Holy Family Home, and I am privileged to have had a part in it. The “Wolfhounds” soldiers helped the Daughters of Charity establish the first real “home” for the destitute orphans in the days after World War II. All of the staff and children cannot help but “feel” the spirit of warm friendship with the “Gentle Wolfhounds”, which continues today through their visits at Christmas, the children’ summer visits, and other exchanges.

In addition, thanks to having been the contact/correspondent for “everything Wolfhound” in relation to Holy Family Home, I want to say that the “brotherhood” exemplified by the Wolfhound veterans, members of the 27th Infantry Regiment Historical Society, is truly an inspiration to me. The members preserve, and hand down to the present generation, the memories and enthusiasm of the 60+ years when, under the leadership of Master SGT Hugh O’Reilly, their support meant “survival” to the children and those caring for them. Holy Family Home has grown into the Social Welfare Institution it is today, caring for over 135 children and 40-45 infants who are not blessed with their own families to love and nourish them.

Now, in keeping with the sequence of developments in the history of Holy Family Home in my message, I would like to express heartfelt appreciation to the organization that is the “backbone” holding this unique relationship together … Peace Bridge. The legacy of love did not die with the passing of “O’Reilly San”! Peace Bridge, with many persons of goodwill, and the past and present generations of Wolfhounds after him, continue the good work he started.

God bless each and every one!

Sister Maurice, Daughter of Charity