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DonationsWhen the Wolfhounds first began supporting the Holy Family Home orphanage in 1949, they provided food, clothing and shelter to the children who had been devastated by the war. These efforts were made possible through the tradition of “Pass the Hat”.

Today the children of Holy Family Home have their basic needs taken care of, yet the support and compassion that supporters give are part of the foundation of the orphanage and this unique relationship.

Each year monies raised are used to fund a once-in- a-lifetime summer visit for children from the home. Four especially deserving children are selected by the orphanage and are flown to Hawaii where sponsoring Wolfhound families take them in as their own. These children of the Holy Family Home are provided with the unique experience of being part of a real family…

In addition, each Christmas since 1950, gifts are provided to every child of the Holy Family Home and hand delivered by “Father Christmas” and his assistant.

We are excited to announce a new era of support for Children of the Holy Family Home. Peace Bridge is working to develop college scholarships in the U.S. for deserving children of the home. This will provide children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

You Can Help:

Peace Bridge would like your help to continue to grow upon this worthwhile Legacy. Your donations are gratefully accepted and will be devoted exclusively to the work we do.

Please mail checks to:
Peace Bridge Inc.
2911 Pacific Heights Road
Honolulu, Hawaii. 96813

You can also use our PayPal or GoFundMe links above for online donations.

All donations are tax-deductible.